Getting Started

Fulcro has a number of resources that can get you going.

Developer’s Tutorial

The Developer’s Tutorial is an interactive guide to the basics. You can view it online but you should really clone Fulcro itself and run it via the instructions in the README.

Developer’s Guide

The Developer’s Guide covers the entire library, and also has a Getting Started chapter that is great for beginners.

Cheat Sheet

A quick summary of common calls and such are laid out in a concise form in the Cheat Sheet

Video Guides

There is a playlist of videos for different topics. This playlist is expanding, so check back often:

Talks About Untangled

I’ve given a few talks on Untangled, which was the root project of Fulcro. The names are out of date, but the concepts are still the same. Use the playlist control at the top-left of the video to choose what you want to watch.

API Documentation

Most functions have good doc strings that explain the purpose of the function. Use your IDE’s help to see these documentation elements.