A library for development of single-page full-stack web applications in clj/cljs

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Fulcro is a full-stack library for making data-driven applications for the web. The built-in data model prevents many common errors that are made when assembling your tools from invented or selected parts.

Less Incidental Complexity

Fulcro provides a strongly cohesive story that has many advantages over techniques, libraries, and frameworks you might have used before.

Solve problems

Concentrate on solving your real application problems. Other systems weigh you down with asynchrony, event systems, callback hell, and REST APIs. Fulcro gives you much simpler constructs as a foundation.

What Does it Look Like?

There is a YouTube video playlist of relatively short videos that can help you get started quickly and often clarifies things that people struggle with.

Those who prefer to read should still check out the videos at some point, but should then proceed to a complete overview in the Getting Started chapter of the Developer's Guide. Those that like videos are encouraged to also read this guide.

Is Fulcro For Me?

Evaluating tools for web development can be a monumental task. Fulcro is a full-stack, batteries-included library that is aimed at making data-driven applications for the web. It enables great local reasoning, easy production support, and rapid development. Of course, it is hard to make such a big decision on a simple list of "features", nor should you!

Each set of tools have particular strengths that may or may not be a good fit. To help you evaluate it, you might want to:

Who's Using It?

Atlas CRM


Dave Conservatoire



We're using Fulcro at figshare for some internal projects, and we're actually impressed with how Fulcro, by offering a complete story, just removes most of the accidental complexity from our code. Fulcro really challenges your assumptions regarding front-end complexity and just how much of it is inherent and incidental.

Adi Enasoaie - figshare CTO

We started our product with re-frame, but as it grew the ease of re-frame turned into complexity in our application, resulting in lot's of bugs and inefficiencies. When we ported to Fulcro many of our bugs and inefficiencies were completely solved by the solid data model and full-stack integration.

Mitchel Kuijpers

Fulcro is the best web framework for using Lisp in 2016. It's for building robust applications and solving difficult problems, not building a mediocre blog in a weekend. At AdStage it was our first full stack Clojure project and it took 3 developers 4 months to deliver the smoothest launch in our company's history.

Karan Toor

With Fulcro all the plumbing is built-in, and I'm impressed on how often my assumptions match with their implementation. Because of this I can focus on the specifics of the application.

Wilker Lucio